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Who to Trust as Power of Attorney?

Posted in Power Of Attorney by PowerOfAttorney on September 21st, 2012

The number one question after deciding which power of attorney form to download is always, who am I going to Trust? My attorney? My Son? My ex-Wife? ya right, but you would be surprised. Every day in America someone is getting charged with power of attorney fraud. Why, because it is the only form where people take care of your business activities while you cannot even think for yourself! If you have alzheimer’s disease or dementia, I’m guessing you are not going to be able to notice the person taking care of you buying a new BMW. Think about it, business owners get their bank accounts taken advantage of ALL the time. I am sure if you have seen a couple episodes of ‘American Greed’ on CNBC you can see that thieves are smart. So, what are the three main things to look for in your attorney in fact?
1 – Relatives – Yes relatives do steal too. But, make sure that they are not just any relatives but the direct such as your son or daughter. Why? Because most of the time they will actually care for you and want the best possible medical treatment. You cannot buy that.

2 – Beneficiaries of Your Will – If do not have any direct family members then you’re best alternative are the people in your will. Why? Because if they are going to be getting the money anyway, why would they raid your accounts? Also, you may want to switch around your will just for this incentive. Choose your dearest niece or nephew, give them all the goods in return for taking care of yourself.

3 – Your Attorney – Attorney do steal too. But they are better liars, trust me. An attorney has something to lose to be honest and make sure that when you get an attorney you get a good one. One that doesn’t necessarily need the extra cash. It isn’t the best alternative but if you have no family and no friends you got nothing to lose anyway right?

If you are looking to download a form head to our website or if you are interested in speaking with other live people about power of attorney questions then head to our forum.

Why LegalZoom and RocketLawyer are Ripping You OFF!

Posted in Power Of Attorney by PowerOfAttorney on September 21st, 2012

Do you know why LegalZoom and RocketLawyer are grossing over $200 Million dollars in the next year? Because people think that they are the only solution out there and are too stupid to figure out what is really going on. What do I mean?
LegalZoom charges a customer an average of $50 per legal form that they need, a one-time use form by the way. On the other hand RocketLawyer charges you $14.95 per month and lets face it, most people only need a legal form once in a while. Why would I want to pay that kind of money have legal access to a few legal forms, not to mention it does not grant you access to all the legal forms, just a select few. Premium packages range all the way up to $79 per month!

Why Do People Overpay for these Legal Forms?
Most people will be using a rental lease agreement, power of attorney forms, and other useful legal documents in during the span of their life. At the time of needing the agreements, human nature says to go with legal zoom not because you want to overpay for form you will only be able to make once, but because their name recognition is valued so highly.
So what are the alternatives?
Get a Template! Templates are just as easy to find and remember that with google search today the general rule of thumb is that if it is on the 1st page, it CAN be trusted. If you have not heard of all the updates recently with google, such as ‘Panda’ and ‘Penguin’ as well as the speculated fuzzy animals that will be coming out in the future. The days of spammy sites that steal your credit card on the way back side of google and those days are just about over. So, if you are maybe a little scared to venture into the depths of a website that may or may not look creditable. Just do the old rule of thumb where if it exists on page 1 for a common term like “lease agreement” or “power of attorney”, chances are you are good.
So, where are good places to get templates?
There are a number of websites but you also want a good template where the form can be edited so being in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word would be ideal. For these forms we highly recommend powerofattorneyform.com,eleaseagreement.com, and usllcoperatingagreement.com. Plus, you will find them much cheaper than the big boys.

The 4 Main Power of Attorney Forms

Posted in Power Of Attorney by PowerOfAttorney on September 21st, 2012

There are many power of attorney forms out there and at times it can just be CONFUSING! There are websites that call the forms this and others that refer to the forms as that (I do not mention to not continue all this legal brain-fart). Below are the four main power of attorney forms that everyone should start referring to, I do not know how this all happened but here you go in order of importance.

Durable - The durable power of attorney form allows someone to choose another person that they trust to handle ALL of the financial matters on their behalf. This form is the most popular because in the chance the person granting power becomes incapaciated or not mentally able to think for themselves, the form stays VALID.

General - Just like the durable power of attorney form EXCEPT that it does not stay valid if the principal becomes incapacitated, it becomes VOID! Not recommended but allot of our AARP members get fooled by this!

Limited - The Limited Power of Attorney Form is for those situations where you want someone to act in your place for a specific act or obligation. Such as pick up mail, preform in a real estate closign for you (a lawyer is recommended), or anything financial related legal under law. The form becomes VOID after the task has been completed or the person granting power becomes incapacitated.

Medical - Last but not least we have the medical power of attorney form. This allows someone to act in another’s place for, you guessed it, all health care decision making. Usually this is beneficial with large families and you want just one person designated to make all the decisions. The person assigned the power can make the decisions when the principal has a condition where they can no longer make the best decisions for themselves.

There you have it the four maine power of attorney forms, if you should need one, just click the link that is associated with it.